Friday, August 8, 2008

Something different


I can say now my principal role is about to finish, starting the medical part in all this process pre- operation. Knowing that the main role will be giving me back later on. Today I finished all exams, tests and whatsoever been required to me. Remaining to the last one the Hulk transformation, consisted in a injection of a nuclear substance- Ocreotide, aiming to search in all body traces of the Neuroendocrine(Nets). So far I have been controlling all my hunger not like the cartoon :)

The results will be only available in the evening and Tuesday be discussed by the Oncology team. Based on the results the decision to go for a surgery next week will be taken, So, I never wanted so much to be found some Nets cells, but of course only in Pancreas and Liver. Pain is something that I am getting use, sometimes I do not know if it is a lot or not, yesterday the discomfort was very much in the liver today it change to the Pancreas, like if you would have a belt around your waist but smaller size.

The days until the surgery we choose to take it for us, going for a park even if the weather is not the best and tomorrow we will start some lessons for meditation in a Buddhist temple. Next week we are also planning to go for a Hindu temple. To be honest the disease makes us closer and more sensible to all the matters related with religion and spirituality. I use to be a rational stubborn. Some people can see this as sign of weakness and I cannot argue.
Something that I never heard that the religion could help is on the game and gambling, moreover apparently god never played dice, but I tried to have a go and I played in the Euromillions however in this case the fortune was away from me this time :)


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