Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Winter solstice

Today happened one of the best things in the last weeks, It is just the shortest and darkest day of the year, from here it is just down hill until Summer :) We can already see the snow melting and the Sun shinning.

It is not yet Christmas but I am having already few earlier presents. When I went to the retreat in the Buddhist temple there was a piece of a plant dropped in between books, I brought home but I thought that would be difficult for Her to recover, but I was so happy to notice that it is growing and getting shape, I am so glad for this special Plant. Also Justa drew myself, I was quit happy to see myself through her eyes, I am very sexy :)

Something that makes upset is the fact of Olivia is not like me when I was in her age, How can be possible the Christmas tree be covered in chocolates and under being filled with presents for her and she does not insist and asks to open them straight way. I cannot believe. When I was child I remember when I seen any gift I needed to open, I could not do wait for the Christmas eve. In the days before Christmas I used to look and searched everywhere in the house for the gifts that my mum was hiding, because she knew how I was. In the case that I would find I was opening, and this meant that my mother would need to buy another one for Christmas.

Around Christmas time there are people that we should always think about them, those who have their birthday close to this date, Imagine when they were kids and listen all the time the some excuses: Ho I will give this gift for the Christmas and for your birthday. This people had every year such a bad time. For those who have their birthday around this days, I am with you all. Today two friends are passing through this, Filipe in Portugal and Majka in Poland.

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