Sunday, December 19, 2010

Full emotions

It is very difficult to explain deep emotions, but the winds have changed, probably the Arctic winds has helped. All this feelings started yesterday, I did feel deeply hurt inside, very lonely and closed in my own Mind. Frightening. Nevertheless, I started to feel grasps of happiness again (confuse I know). As if I would be too sure about my short Future, but because of that the things become easier to deal, No more doubts. So the only escape is to be happy and to be the usual Helder. If you have already tried Free Fall you would know what I am talking about, Just enjoying the fall in the precipice.

Today I am not much in the unreal World I am instead here, enjoying and also dreaming about tomorrow. The worst days are already part of the Yesterday. This journey has been going through such a sinuous road that sometimes make me think if the better thing would be to Stop but also often, fortunately most of the time I want to carry on to see the End.

Jealous, it is other emotion that I been confronted after watching some of Justyna's trunk pictures.

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