Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas tree

It is not only me which is struggling to do not fail down after the news from the doctor, it is also the Snowman which did not resist to the melting and in the end of the day his precarious condition pushed him to the ground. Even if struggling and fighting I am still faraway from giving up. There is another chapter opening after the tablets Sunitinib run out its effect, next month according to the oncologist I should start radiotherapy, probably with some direct injections in the Liver or with some catheters transporting some medicines through intravenous. One by one the tools have been used, which makes me a bit worried and scare.

At home it is not only me and the Snowman that are with problems, it is also Olivia which is now getting few more spots but hopefully the chicken-pox would not get too strong, it is a danger for her and also for me with the most likely weak antibodies in my immune system. But of course the priority is Oli, She is the owner of the World. Would you believe if I tell that Justyna has also a flu? For a week and today she has cough and pain in the chest.

As we all know, to fight the bad mood and the bad spirits nothing better than to do the good or plant a tree, then today we did plant a tree, though an artificial one. Now I want to enjoy and love this Christmas, laugh and stay with family and friends.

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