Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Letter for Mr Claus

The first thing in the morning to do was finally to write a letter to the Father Christmas, Olivia with my help managed to put down the things that she wants for her and for family in this Christmas. Hopefully the missive will get to the Mr Claus on time wherever he is in the Lapland. Of course, I took advantage to ask for a lot of health for all the family, in this way looking for my interest as well. I hope the uncle will not be too offended for my request knowing that I am not anymore a proper child.

Olivia is now behaving even better because of the distress of being nice in order to have presents from Mr Claus, It is working well so far. She is now going to bed alone and failing asleep by her own, It is really a great achievement for her. Congratulations Oli.

This afternoon was wonderful to have here Vasco for our Christmas lunch and have a great cinema session, even with a heavy serial killer film to digest.

With all that I still had time to think for a while about the news in the BBC, There was ten headlines, unbelievably all were about bombs, disasters, deaths and crises, I am understanding that we never pass from the middle ages, There is not Civilization or such a thing out of the dictionaries and encyclopedias.

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