Thursday, December 23, 2010

Confusing dreams

After last week intensive cycle of Woody Allen films (we watched more than 10 in a week) I am now going through a disorder that the specialists called Complex of Woody Allen, a terrible disease that consists in having all the nights several perverted dreams, There is No rules and borders. It is very confuse for me in the morning. I hope I will be back to normal soon, as I have already enough diseases to worry about.

The best help to improve my condition is to feel the Christmas spirit, and today we had the Christmas party for kids in Barnet, It was great, plenty of activities, presents and even Santa Claus came around. I cannot wait for tomorrow evening and see the presents under the tree, To my shame I already found the item that belongs to me, inadvertently I found a wellington boots under my bed, which I presume it is for me. I told you before that I never can wait for the day of Christmas to find my presents. Though this accident the Christmas still go ahead I promise.

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