Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tai Chi

I said that I am not eating meat anymore but I did not say that I am vegetarian, OK. Today we had a fish that my mother brought to us last week, It was wonderful to taste the fish and remember about the pleasures that I use to have in Portugal. Nevertheless, the face very tender of this Golden fish over the plate plus with the movie Nemo that we been watching, triggered some sensations of humanity to the animal. Sorry Nemo.
The best of the day was a trial lesson of Tai Chi that I had in the library, With its softness and sloth makes the perfect activity for my needs.

Just now my house was invaded by a dog, In the beginning we thought it was a fox outside looking in our rubbish, but when I looked it was instead a very friendly dog, that comes inside the house straight away, for a minute I though that is it: I will adopt this dog, but the owner had appeared after looking for the animal. So he could go also to her house.

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