Friday, December 3, 2010

Virus on the loose

I did my best, but it looks that was not enough, I need to do even more. Cause the unwanted Cancer apparently did another leap forward, The doctor highlighted that I should not panic, but it looks that at least the tumour in the Liver has grown few millimetres, now with 19 millimetres, still bellow than 2 centimetres, which is a psychological barrier that nobody wants to cross. It was another punch in the stomach that I am still recovering, I have been down again, and the tears wet the sheets in my bed. But they are sometimes necessary as well as a good sleep. At night I am already more fresh and positive.

I am already used to be catch by this news always when I am in the high, so this news were not completely unexpected. The only thing that I can do is trying to carry on with my Life and do not bring this reality often to my thoughts.

The other equation that was revealed today, was the fact that Olivia caught the chicken-pox virus from her cousin, this afternoon we spotted the first blisters, After all it make sense, she has been complaining all day, drowsy, but we did not know why.

If it was not enough having the Cancer at home, now is also the chicken-pox under the roof. The Life has also days like these :)

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Luís Ganhão said...

Força Hélder... vais vencer isto!
É apenas um passo atrás para dares dois em frente!