Friday, December 17, 2010


The News about the course of Justyna are out, I already gave her my congratulations, She got 75% in her last exam and also 75% in overall mark of the course. In a space of a week she enriched a lot her CV, as she also received the papers from the English Institute for teachers recognising her Polish credentials and her new status as a Teacher. She will have now much more tools to look for her deserved job. I am very happy for Justyna: My prodigious wife.

Meanwhile there were shades of snow and Sun through the day in Barnet, Straight I was in much better mood as all the family. Even the pain looked that calm down and the diarrhea is less noisy :(

The Christmas is now around the corner and is expected to be white as it should be. It will a problem only for who is travelling.

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Carla said...

Parabéns Justina!!!

Votos de Feliz Natal para vós!!


Carla Damásio