Monday, December 27, 2010

Special wellingtons

We are now passing through the Christmas hangover, Olivia makes me tired just to go through all her new games, puzzles, books and paintings. She wants to have a taste of everything in a short time, It is hard for me to satisfy her ambitions :)

But at least I am very happy with my dream wellingtons, they are now my best friend, at home they become my sleepers, In the afternoon I decided to try them in the worst conditions, with snow and mud, so I went by my own for a walk through the country, The landscape was marvelous, white and white, and the air abundant, I was rejoicing. This all would be beautiful if not at half of the way I had a terrible colic, I just wanted to reach home and find a refuge in the toilets, I though I would not reach on time. Conclusion is, those wellingtons are good for walk in bad conditions but at the same time are not too good for the diarrhea. Now in the evening I am using only a thick socks for precaution.

Justyna was very busy with her clerk duties, filling up forms to apply for some help such as for transports and blue budge.

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