Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The grown up girl

The day was full, all our three had our special duties. Justyna was in charge of organizing and sending over documentation to have help for the transports, buses and taxi, essentially when we need to go to the hospital, but not only. Myself, signed to exchange Olivia's cash machine till that the Father Christmas brought, but had broken. And the executive Olivia was released to play with her friends. I am sure they enjoyed to be together again after Christmas, to speak about Santa Claus, if he had come around and which presents he brought. Amazing to see how fast the kids grow. Olivia is now more and more picking up the English, often she comes to us speaking in English, It is something that I tend to not encourage, because I know when she will go to school she will be very exposed to that.

Meanwhile, I am cracking down hard in my Polish, Olivia and Justyna have been very patient trying to teach me the language, It has been hard, looks that after a day my brain reset all and I forget everything.

Our evenings have been very quiet, We are going through a cycle of movies from Emir Kusturica, I am looking to have a therapy of laughing.

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