Monday, December 6, 2010

My Presepio

I am one of those guys that likes to find troubles and distress when there is no need. I had a terrible day, tired, confuse, and this because of small things that sometimes torments my spirit. But this small thoughts sometimes gets the size of a mountain that puts in my way. The night was also not a good adviser, as I could not sleep because of Olivia, disturbed by the spots, that now has covered part of her body. I do not know if those spots had already reached the highest point of their maturity, or instead this night they will keep Olivia awake again and then me :(
The house is getting prepared for the Nativity, Before it was the Christmas tree, today was the Presepio which appear in scene.


Carla said...

Uauuu... esse presépio está fantástico!!! As melhoras da Olívia.
Carla Damásio

Anonymous said...

Meu amigo, tudo vai melhorar acredito sinceramente que estas nuvens cinzentas em breve estarão dissipadas e a tranquilidade irá regressar

As melhoras para todos, amanhã ligo-te para falarmos um pouco.

Um grande abraço para ti e um beijo para as tuas princesas.

Sérgio Baltazar