Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The gas I pass

It has not been easy to go over this, I just want to be in bed and sleep all the time. My mood keeps down, and probably because of that and the nervous I am been also with pain in the abdomen, Probably muscular, or probably just from my Mind. It is amazing how the news and then how the brain feels can affect all physic. Last week, I did not have any pain but straight after seen the Doctor I am complaining with pains. Let us give some time to my mood arise again.
If the Mood is down but already the Farts are better than ever, It is not a surprise for me to find myself alone and isolated suddenly after this gases comes out without asking permission, are really difficult to explain their environmental and social impact. Nevertheless I am not alone on this, Olivia is also skillful in this area considering her size.
The book that I am reading to Olivia finally releases me from my complex of guilty because it states to not hold the farts as your stomach might hurts

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mrosaliajose said...

Olá helder e meninas,

Estou a aprender muitas palavras novas e giras contigo.
A trovoada do fim de semana tem alguma coisa a ver contigo? LOL
Beijinhos e boas melhoras
Ps: como não há quem os compre.... temos que os dar eh!eh!eh!