Sunday, December 26, 2010

Boxing day eve

For me the Boxing day used to be past with a lot of mixed feelings, if I was very happy to go out with my new toy and gifts from the Christmas, but in the other hand it was also marked by some sadness if not jealous for those petulant kids that were coming out with their new toys. It was cars with remote control, the jersey from a preferred football team. I always wanted what I did not have it.

This boxing day it is still a mystery, such a odd name for such a beautiful season. And I even found out that the Boxing day in end this year it is instead tomorrow.

Another day very busy, I went to visit friends in other part of London, firstly we visited Rob and Sandra, a house where we lived for a while, and after in the same road we visited Kasia and Rafi. It was a lovely day.

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