Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Busy kitchen

This morning I had my first meeting in the Cherry Lodge Cancer Care, a charity that helps people that been affected in some way by the Cancer. It was very helpful my chat with the Macmillan nurse. She introduced me to their activities, which I will start next year, For now I will do Reiki. She also told that I can have help for transports. Essentially, she looked very Human, For me most of the time is the only thing that matters. Afterwards I found a small break to do a little Christmas shopping, out of record I bought a Father Christmas outfit. Either Olivia will be very happy or very scare. It will be my first time dressing such a responsibility.

At home the Polish Christmas spirit already is on the way, Olivia, mummy and Aneta are building up the 12 plates for Christmas eve, according to the tradition. Olivia was in charge of the Pirogi, Polish Salad, Mushrooms, and tomorrow will come the ones that all of us knows very well, the Paszczeciki, Barsz, Kapustka jochem, Grzyby z kasza gryczana, Kluski z makiem, Kompot suszu, and finally the famous zupa sledziowa. I cannot wait :)

In the afternoon we had the Christmas visit of our friend Maria, Gabriela and Joseph, Thank you for the tasty Brownies.

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