Monday, December 7, 2009

Pork flu

The inseparable pair had their Swine flu vaccination, I prefer to call it Pork flu. Olivia will have it in another wave, For the moment I only feel a pain in my arm were I had the jab, but it is worthy as I presume that now on I can eat pork meat and all its derivatives without any fear of allergies or stomach pains. I might rethink weather I resume to eat chouricos and the fat pork meat. I still cannot really understand the panic around this flu :)

Fortunately I have another painting and drawing session booked for today that let me forget this irrational alarm related with the abusive usage of the Pork products, Shame that was also the last lesson for now. The model in display I think was also a dancer taken her sharp muscular legs. The task for today was harder than the last week because this lady had a perfect lines, impossible to play and exercise the imagination. Now the work must be done at home, with my model Justyna.

And probably it will start tomorrow because it is our second weeding anniversary, We still do not know what we will do to celebrate this 732 days together.


Carla said...


Desejo-vos as maiores felicidades juntos nessa caminhada, agora a três!!!

Beijinhos para todos!

Carla Damásio

Ana Cristina said...
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Ana Cristina said...


Many good wishes for more and more years together with your lovely Olivia

prima Ana