Friday, December 4, 2009

Burning bridges

Finally finished the day, We managed to clear out and moved our remaining stuff to Shuby's house. This days been too busy for Justyna's back as well as mine. Justyna wanted to leave the place very clean and tide as we did not find it when we came in. Olivia was overexcited with the move, she was picking also some bits to load the Mike's car, She loves to see us busy. The time when Justyna drooped the keys inside the postbox and said goodbye to our house she confessed me that she almost felt to cry. In the end we have been there exactly for a year, this year it was full of fights and achievements, The walls witnessed our worries, that doors felt our silent screams, the mirrors and windows knew better than anybody else the state of our souls throughout the year. It was there that I past through the chemotherapy, in that bed and sofa I lied my weakness and I had my nightmares and in those blankets I covered the bad thoughts, It was inside that place where I overcame from the operation, It was also in that floor that I walked together with my doubts. Shame also that I could leave behind that doors the same doubts. But most important it is the fact that I believe that Olivia was very happy there.

Now the plan is to stay few days in Shuby's house and soon as the new house become real we will move again, and more work will be waiting. Regarding to the new house we had a positive response for a house that we saw last week, We already paid a deposit and now if everything would be OK probably next week we will sign the contract.

Today I could not uploaded the pictures for Shuby's computer, so I will leave only this lines. Sorry for that.

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