Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Freezing days

It is a days like those today that I am now compulsory appreciating, The normality gains a different dimension, close to the extraordinary, where before existed the excitement now exists passion and love. The bucolic is the same as beauty because there is always something to be taken from everything and nothing can be underestimated. I am not looking to run my life at 200 km/h because it is now escaping from me but rather I think is at the slowest speed where I can take more advantage of the same Life. But the challenge is of course to make this beautiful ideas reality in the field, every moment, like if it would be hard to find the essence of the real happiness. I start to think that nobody is happy, it is all a big illusion.
I was watching in the other day a television program about the overpopulation in our planet Earth that was saying that all the couples should not have more than one kid, because of the over usage of the resources in our planet, and probably unconscious and knowing my ecological hearth I took too literally that request for the cut of population and almost sacrificing myself :) But, I am finding a lot of contradictions in my actions, as I will tell you, in the last nights my brain has been taken by an abnormality increasing of sexual dreams, that quickly Freud would explained with my worries about reproduction, living seeds behind because, of the problems that I am facing.
There is also a lot of reasons to be happy, my lovely godson Alexandre is in his birthday today, Have great day, I know that is never a good time for birthdays close to the Christmas.


Pedro said...
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Pedro said...

Bravo helder, é uma boa onda, essa a dos 200 km/h.

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