Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas tree

First night in our new home, After last week I am starting to reborn, The aim are different and starts in the morning and finishes in the evening at same day. Yesterday, I was posting in the kitchen a new calendar for the year of 2010 with the first page showing also the first month of January and we agreed to not open yet and display the next month, because until next year starts we still have two more weeks to live and try to have the most of it. Slowly, I am having often again the experience of happiness. It looks that I will pay such a big price to full fill my life, Definitely it was the spectrum of the death that suddenly gave a different colour to this Life. It took me time to look for the little thing as the biggest thing and the big as small and insignificant. Tonight for the first time I picked up a book that I left unread since the day before the avalanche. Slowly, I will get where are waiting for me (sounds Saramago, sorry for the plagiarism)

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