Friday, December 18, 2009


Very early we woke up in order to prepare our trip to the hospital, It was a very cold and also a white morning, as I have not seen for a long time. There was a lot of good shoots that my eyes caught and will keep it with me. In the Hospital we waited a long time to see Dr Tim Meyer, It is weird to waited for something that we do not liked. The appointment it was more of the same or just probably in the end we saw the corridor even more narrowed than when we past in. Nevertheless, there is a plan to tackle and hopefully not to entertain, thus, first thing is to start with chemotherapy in January and after depending from the results move to a new and very promising new drug. Doctor said that this new drug has been a big breakthrough in the Pancreatic Cancer fight, been very effective to freeze and control the growth of the Beast. The only bad thing is apparently this is a very expensive drug, so they will need to get funding from some Trust, but he also said that it should not be a problem. I understand the doctor's position but I felt sorry and a shame to see this System, I know it looks very populist from me, but it is disgraceful to see loads of money spent on wars or even in trivial things as football, and when it comes to save lives the same capitalism values are applied. I confess that my obsession at the moment is that I am trying to get from the doctors an idea how long I can expect to live, Probably is a paranoia from me, because of my roots as a accountant, I use to work close to the taxmen and those guys normally are very strict with deadlines. I am concluding that the Cancer if he is already a monster without any doubts but he also does not like to follow timetables. In some point I went further and again asked the doctor if this is a terminal point, He was very kind and said in the case if the drugs would not work it is in fact a Life threatening situation. Very diplomatic.
Nevertheless, we moved on and we came home and with the help of friends we moved all our staff to our new house, so tomorrow we will start to organise everything to feel and home. The dinner was a great time with all the friends.


Pedro said...

é bom ver-te a sorrir ...


Luís Ganhão said...

parafraseando o Neiva e os Monty Python, "Always look to the Bright Side of Life"