Sunday, December 13, 2009

Fear of the unknown

The way I am founding to elapse the clock time is to get some good sestas in the afternoon, the reading has been difficult to catch my attention, easily the brain drifts to dangerous waters that I am trying to escape. Hopefully the sky will become bit whiter and the sea calmer after Tuesday's appointment with the surgeon. I do not mind to start the game again, I already done it so I think I can do it again. Its more difficult now to survive like this, There is bad news plus the doubt news, that we do not know what is it, But like if we are in a dark room not knowing what is inside and of course the fear will overtake all the other feelings.

Shamefully the event of tomorrow what was suppose to bring happiness and joy for the day, but is not having the same effect, our minds are now worried with other event, Nevertheless tomorrow in the morning we will sign a contract for the new house, if will not be any last minute surprise :)


Carla said...

Olá Helder e Princesas!!

Desejo que tudo vos corra bem com a nova casa!!


Carla Damásio

Anonymous said...

Hello there
We hope you have moved in the new house and that house will give you the confort you need and the peace you deserve!!! Where the cold came the same day as your bad news, we are never prepared to acept but we can be strong if we think that in short time the sunny days will arrive.Sempre a contigo no coração mil beijinhos:Ju+Zeca+Ana+Nini