Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hospital in the backyards

Though as a house contract is not signed up yet I am already doing my own investigation around our probably new place. Something that we will have in abundance are local markets, There is a big space in front of the house that is taking by the local merchants at Saturdays, I still need to find out what is the main goods trading there. The day after, Sunday is the high road that closes to the traffic and opens to the community, Today I saw there a lot of charities, second hand stales. It is only a shame that there is not any of the big cheap supermarkets, there is close only the Waitrose, which is very expensive. Finally in front there is also Barnet the Spires, a shopping centre. With so many offers it is now that I will become mad about shopping.

Today for the first time I attend the mass service of the closest church, The building is very elegant, I only found the ceremonial too much formal, probably I need to try a different hour mass. But of course the most relevant for me is a central Hospital that we have ten minutes distance from home, I hope we will not need to visit it but it is always good to know that there is one on the sight. Finally another advantage is the fact that we will live ten minutes away from the countryside, thus in the next summer we have already booked the weekends outside London.

In the evening it was sad to say goodbye to Parih that is now going back to United States, Hopefully we will meet soon again, either here or in California.

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