Thursday, December 10, 2009


I hope you will sorry for the emptiness that suddenly filled up my brain, probably some nervous probably just tiredness. Sometimes I am forgetting that it still less than a year that I have been doing chemotherapy and had a surgery. Strangely but for the first time I had a sensation that the time is not flying. In spite of the long waiting for day of tomorrow it has now come. In the morning I will see the oncologist and I hope he will be convinced that what I have is not Cancer, because last time he has told me that there was a Cancer and I should have surgery. Later, only the Surgeon refused that idea saying that what I had was splenunculus. It is too much, just ask that what it is, is that benign Splenunculus and nothing else would have grown meanwhile?
I had past the afternoon sleeping and now the challenge is to sleep in the night.

Not only me is exhausted but also my computer. My mate is now broken and went to repair. I am now working in Shuby's computer but it is not the same. The personal computer is like our bed, there is only one and it is not replaceable.

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