Thursday, December 24, 2009


I have not been in touch because I still do not have Internet connection in the new home, but fortunately I think I am slighter stronger and not so sad.
Probably for some of you it is a surprise as it was for me, the fact that I am in Portugal for the Christmas, I never expected to be here in Portugal. It was a beautiful surprise your present. My parents were so happy to see me again and atest that I am alright. The warmth from the family and friends I am sure will give me the boost to go back home and see with more positiveness the next chapters. I could be tired and sad but I will not give up to be present in many more Christmas in the future.

The Christmas Eve Evein London was also lovely with te presence of Sofia and Julian as well as Shuby, Tom, Neil and later also Veena, Chrisna and Ben come to our home to share the presents and love.

By the way in Portugal I will be in contact through 968150031