Monday, December 14, 2009

New Home

It is true we have already a house, finally we are not homeless anymore:) we signed this morning the contract for our new home, I would love to be happy and enjoy the day but nobody here is happy, We are all in very distress, difficult to find words to say to each other, also because there is no possible words to describe what is the state of our souls, Often I would like to give up, but the good thing is the life itself has a current that is enable to flows backwards. It is a big wave that we are into until the shore and only in the coast we will see how we will find ourselves. At the moment frankly I have not energies and mood to keep close to Olivia and she noticed that I am weaker.

Tonight I would like that I could sleep for a few days. I do not want to be tomorrow in the surgeon's appointment and to be told if I have future or not, I would like that somebody could be there for me and after just let me know what has been decided.

The only good thing that I can foresee is that whatever happens tomorrow I will be alive after tomorrow and soon I will move to the new home.

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Pedro said...

boa sorte companheiro.