Saturday, December 12, 2009

First steps again

The day went difficult, but not too difficult given the circumstances. A lot of cry and sadness but nevertheless now in the night we are feeling more restful and calm. I believe that I needed to distill those tears and bad thoughts to find again myself. I am now feeling stronger and more positive. Or I would say more calm rather than positive.

In the morning Shuby took us for a ride in the countryside what helped us to divert our thoughts. It is true that the worst thoughts that you can imagine followed me wherever I went but now they went to rest, soon I will follow them, but I hope I will not find them in my bed.

It was exceptional the time past this evening among the monks and nuns as with all the friends in the Amaraviti Buddhist temple. Very special atmosphere and with a spiritual life that transmitted to me pleasure and relaxation. After all the events of today now at home arose a deep question, are the bananas tree moving or walking? Do they have their own time for emigration?

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Nela said...

I'm here because your cousin Carla asked us to get around you and give you our strenght.
I had breast cancer and I founded an association to give some support to people with cancer.

I do hope that you may find the needed strenght to fight this disease and the peace to live with it.
I just want to speak and, first of all, to read you and let you know that there are lots of persons to who you can speak and that they will understand you and what you are living now.

May I write you in portuguese? I don't know if you can speak portuguese...
I will follow your blog, ok?
If you want, take a look on mine.

I'll be in touch