Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Candle lighting

The December normally means Christmas, New Years Eve, parties, But for me this one will mean a challenge even if my hopes and will are out of my decision and out of my hands. There is only faith in God and thrust in the doctors to brings calm and to be able to see the paradise in the end of December. When I says paradise I mean the paradise in the Earth, touching the ground. Today I launched the dices, I had the CT Scanning and now I will find out next week what is the overcome of this. Hopefully all will be fine. I dream to have a period of time without thinking about Scans and Cancer, Let us see if this will be my Christmas present. But knowing how is life I will be happy with something in the middle between the Hell and the Paradise, doing the same as it has been, just carry on.

Notwithstanding my commitment in the Hospital, Olivia wanted to have also her own affairs in the Royal Free, so unfortunately she had an accident, She pulled the elbow and she fall in pain. In spite of the misfortune we were close to the hospital and then we went straight to the Emergency and they sort out. The pediatric team were great and professional, At the same time I was having my scanning.

The Hospital is like the World because is also small, I always find doctors, nurses or other staff that I met before in my journey, Today I saw the diabetes nurse, She is lovely and we informally already booked an appointment to discuss my often hypoglycemia. She told me that I should not have much hypos. But also I met in the lift Richard Geer, my operator. There was no time for too much conversation, just a friendly hello from me and his cordial response additionally with his greeting You look well. Let us see if in two weeks when I will meet him he will say the same :)

I use to try to read all the surgeon words, movements, breaths, if there is any subliminal idea is his message and today the same happened. Even if now there is nothing to be read I believe that unconscious I still overvalue is mimic.

Back home we organized the last things and moved it to Shuby's house, Now I am about to go to sleep for the last time in this house.

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Carla said...

Olá Helder e Princesas!

Estamos a torcer para que as notícias sejam boas! Amanhã quando passar perto de Fátima, lembrar-me-ei e rezarei por ti.


Carla Damásio