Saturday, December 20, 2008

Countdown for the Big Tuesday

Reporting of 18th December

I become so professional about my commitments related with the disease, that I always managing to be very early in the appointments. Therefore, today I was suppose to be in the Nuclear department of the UCLH to have a FDG PET scan at 9.00 am, but it past only few minutes from 8.00 and I was already there, In good time I come, because all the initialisation for this sophisticated scanning could also started earlier.

First of all they gave me an injection of pure sugars or glucose with some radiation, and let me to rest for an hour, time enough to this compost do the desired effect in my cells. The idea is after to look for the hormones and tissues that are sick, then this ones, because they are sick and weak will absorb all the sugars, now injected, Is in this sugars where they will go to take their energy. After the sugars spread around the body, I was invited to go to this big machine in cylindrical and tunnel shape, and then I past from one extreme to the other one for an another hour, laying down, while the computer is taking pictures of all this cells with problems.

Thus, until the appointment with Dr Fusai next Tuesday, I am free, No more tests or scanning. To celebrate nothing better than a good afternoon of sleep, Also Olywka did the same.

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