Thursday, December 4, 2008

Larger family


The life of my family it looks more as a Gypsy family because of our nomadic nature, with all the respect and honour for the Romany community. Today it had another chapter, we went back for our house, or better Rob and Sandras' house. It was great also to smell our house and see our friends again. But, for short time, as tomorrow we might start to move to the new accommodation.

This week I took it as a holidays, such was the relaxing time and great to see sister and family. Anyway, they left this morning, Shuby and Thom took them to the airport. And our life here in London is just about also to take off to other dimension. Thus, tomorrow I will see the Oncologist to discuss if I am well to be submitted to another chemotherapy cycle already this Monday, Meanwhile this weekend we will move to our new and permanent place.

I hope next week I will be already settled in my new bedroom to take smoothly the side effects, essentially the tiredness. And after all friends are welcome to visit us, there will be a spare bed awaiting for you.


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