Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Ruled by a dog, why not

Well, and today it will come to the end the staying of my sister, Paulo and the magnificent Dani, It was an indescribable week, with so much time for our self and at the same time see Dani and Oly together it was another dream that came through. Hopefully we will get more moments like that in the future. Helping to the harmony of this weekend it was the fact to see my sister after almost an year and to view Daniel for the first time, but also the big reason for our comfort was the atmosphere that we found in Shuby's house and the care from all her family, from Thomas, Rayan to Taz, the lovely dog. Taz was a dog abandoned that was rescued by Shuby when he was five years old, luckily Taze in spite of the sadness in its life at least now is a very happy dog that is loved by its owners, but we can feel that because of all the troubles he had it is hard to get is total confidence, Firstly he studies each person and only after opens its heart. He is a superior example of the magnanimity Canine, As Mario de Miranda states to err is human to forgive is canine.
In this way we spent all day at home with all the pleasure, surrounded by kids and love, what else we could desire? I cannot think about any other thing. The warmth indoors balanced the freezing outdoors

Also in the evening I had the visit from a friend I have not seen for a few years, Luis Ganhao, it was lovely from him to came and then know more about how he is and other friends back in Portugal, that I lost track. Thank you for your support friend.

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Luís Ganhão said...

See you soon Helder... and you 3 enjoy the new house


PS --> Great Dinner... your Brother in Law makes a fantastic salad, but the polish dish was really superb