Sunday, December 14, 2008

Happy Sunday

Ola Bom Dia,

I am really exited today, This morning we are moving to our new house, The essential things are already there, Now we are going with Shuby and Thom to drop some other things and after start some cleaning and tide up. The process will be long but I cannot wait to have our space, we could enjoy and relax as a family. I will have a problem for a few days I cannot write here in my blog as I still do not have Internet connection at home. But soon I will be in touch.

At the time I am writing this blog, the unbelievable happen, I received a message in my Mobile phone from the UCL Hospital (University College of London) regarding to a PET Scanning, This exam is now booked for 18 thy of December. On time to the operator, Dr. Fusai looked until 23th of December. It was good news, because in the last appointment with Dr Caplin, he wanted to do only the exam after six sessions of chemotherapy. This test is something very new, still in the trial but apparently has been showing very good results.

Lovely Sunday for everybody.


Ana Cristina said...

Muita sorete e muita felicidade para a vossa nova casa.
Boas mudanças...
prima Ana

Anonymous said...

Amigo...boa sorte para nova casinha!!
Beijinhos para voces.
Justa, I miss you!!!

Pedro said...

Espero que a mudança tenha corrido bem.


chora said...

hello muita sorte para o vosso novo lar xau abraços e bj

Francisco Narciso said...

Grande Hélder,

Fiquei bastante agradado pelas novidades, em frente amigão.

PS: As "baixas" vão arrancar.


Francisco Narciso