Saturday, December 20, 2008

First Stop

Reporting of 17 of December 2008

As planned, 17 of December, In the first stop we arrived. 17 is not only the date of my anniversary in the next month but was also the date of a big day in my life. I went to the Royal Free Hospital, with the sugars high, consequence of all disturbance in my night, nothing to eat for up to 12 hours. The fasting is something that my body cannot cope anymore. Nowadays due of my hormones I become like a flower in a green house, very delicate.

Although the high sugars, we woke up again with a very good spirit, ready to go, and ready for everything, Firstly a visit to the first floor to do a special blood test to check the behave of some of my hormones, After a short trip to the ground floor to be set for the most important images, to the CT scanning (Computer tomography scanning). Long wait for my turn, but meanwhile I drunk a special mix of a colourful liquid, this to highlight a contrast in the scanning. There I used the last half hour to do some meditation, also I initiated visualization of my Liver, I tried to let him come down, and I had also some particular words with him. There in the waiting room we can see people with all sorts of lucky, there was a young woman that specially impressed me, she looked completely lost, laid down in the bed, she was avoiding any contact with the exterior, she had a teddy bear on the top of her head to hide herself from us, the surrounding, And whenever she was asked for anything she could not speak, so nervous and scare she was. Nevertheless, there was other detail that strongly marked that picture, a nurse that was close to this patient, and I will not forget the image, she was all the time passing her tenderness hands through the young lady’s face in a supreme gesture of love and humanity. I guess that woman in the bed was confronted with something terrible in the last few hours.
From what she was living and essential from my experience now, I completely understand the meaning of life and live, Before sometimes I barely could understand why for example some people with some terrible problems such as palsy, or other even worst could live and sometimes enjoying the life, was a concept very difficult for me to understand. But, when I found my life slipping under my feet I realise the meaning of one more hour or year in my life. Even with all the problems, healthy consequences of diabetes and other things that I still do not know, but will face very soon, I can exchange the quality of life for an extension, or quantity of life. Of course I am not considering a person with a persistent big pain. I think the same thing can be transported to any body with severe problems, All the people believe and hope that the future can bring better things.

Is coming more my friends.

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