Wednesday, December 3, 2008



Today, we had an appointment with the surgeon that has been booked quite a long time ago, when I started the chemotherapy. And in that time we thought today I would have been already scanned and it could be decided today if I can go straight away to the operation in the Liver or not, But the things has been delayed and I still have another chemo cycle this Monday and the important CT scanning will happen only at 17 th of December. Even though the appointment with Mr Fusai it went more positive than we expected, as when I got in his room I thought I will come without nothing because there was nothing to discuss, but in the end the doctor booked me already for an octreotide scanning, the one that is carry out in the Nuclear department and shows all the infections made by the Neurodocrine. Thus, next time when I will see Mr Fusai in 23rd of December He will have all the information in his hands to decide the next stage. What made us, special Justyna very happy with this appointment it was the fact that he mentioned again that he was astonished with my remarkable recovery from the first surgery and with the way I presented without any mark of the chemotherapy in my face or body. additionally he mentioned several times about a very likely operation in the end of this process. So, lets keep fingers cross and wait for Christmas eve eve day.

Afterwards we went back to a coffee shop where my sister was waiting for us and together we went back to Shuby's house, In the way I was just relaxing and enjoy all the good thoughts, and the arrive at house brought even more happiness with the good atmosphere that we can feel inside the Shubys house. The dinner it was again a magical moment, Shubys prepared a fantastic Indian food. Veena also come to join us and enlarge the family around the table :) For dessert Thomas introduced me to something that I never seen and heard, the Chocolate sugar free, Cho for a diabetic. I was so glad. The time just flew with a chat in between friends and overall with the communication that we tried to have with Olywka and with Daniel.


Treta said...

grande dia Helder. Os seguintes serão ainda melhores ...


joaquim said...

Olá Helder

Fixe continuam as boas noticias.

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