Saturday, December 6, 2008

Hospital's view


Back again this morning to the normal check ups before the next chemotherapy session, Apparently the blood tests gave again green light for Monday's session. In the appointment today with Dr Tim Meyer which was sided by two other oncologist, they made me feeling almost as a case study, they siege me with questions about side effects, they were surprise by the low side effects after my sessions, already long, so far three cycles of chemotherapy. He also examined my tummy, around Liver and Pancreas, and all look smooth and normal. So, now we hope the scanning booked for 17 of December showed that my Liver has had been less tolerating for the drugs than myself as human being (expect Liver)

Before I had my weight weighted and incredible! I put on weight a fantastic 200g, I am now with 63 Kg. I think this week Olywka gain more grams than me :( But at least the weight increased
Afterwards we went to our new flat, it was great to see my new nest, It is a place that need some new decoration, but it has already its own sole. Boring to go to the bureaucratic things, agreeing with a lady that did all the inventory of the house, look for all small details. At the same time deal with George, a nice gentleman who is responsible for all the maintenance of the house. We hope to have some stuff repaired next week, as some walls repainted to deleted the time past by. Nevertheless we decided to not sleep there because it was freezing inside, the heaters did not warm enough to guaranty a good first night in our place.

Thus, we decide to have another gypsy experience and we went for a couple of days to Shuby's house, until they repair this few things.

great weekend

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