Monday, December 8, 2008

Chemotherapy-Session 4 With love


As I promised I woke up full of energy, ready for another battle in the Royal Free Hospital, It was a long day, I was there at 10 AM and left, when my friend Veena came to pick me up at 10 PM. The morning I had the visit of Jane, lovely to update some of our chats, There was only around two hours that I was alone and bored after Jane needed to leave to have a meeting, But, after Justyna came to the ward to bring me and show me Olywka, This it was just for a few minutes, as it is not advised babies to be in Hospital, in order to not catch up any flu. In the quick visit from Justyna, brought me also a souvenir, two beautiful books, passing in review the decade of 40's and 50's with pictures and a small notes about the events, So it was exactly what I needed to distract myself and take me away from the lethargy that was immersed. And this it was also a gift for our first weeding anniversary that has been completed today. I was so stress in the morning that it was Justyna who remembered about the special day that we were living. As my love said, this time will be remembered as How could the love between us kept us together and it is making the fight more easy and the dream tangible.

After become 4.00PM and also Pajo and John arrived then the last hours until 10 PM went very fast and my mood just changed 180 degrees, I was with such a good spirit enjoying the impossible. Justyna and Olywka joined us after 6pm when all the other patients left the ward.

Now back to Shuby's house, we just could not believe, Shuby and Thom prepared such a great reception, For us was waiting a table royally set and when the starters and meals started to come we just could not believe, The feeling of feel special from a special friends is difficult to describe. I was feeling sick but after I just forgot about that. It was a hard day that become so much easy with all the friends that been around since morning until the evening.

Now is time to rest

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