Saturday, December 20, 2008


Reporting of 16th of December 2008

Definitely if my life in long term is now dependent from the Cancer, that I will difficult get rid off, in the short term it might be the sugars levels the rulers, and this sugars ones will depend from elsewhere, that does not need to be sweet, principally if I am relax and comfort or not. So, yesterday, marked our arriving in the new place, the moving in it was not smoothly, as all our life as showed to the evidence. Without any miserliness, nothing is easy and nothing is guaranteed. The only guarantee is the friendship of our super friends. Again they are everywhere, do not let us have two steps in false. So many times I wanted to gave up with the fight or just stop all and for a while falling down with an unstoppable crying, Either Justyna, sometimes she cannot hide from me, this, only when she is almost knocked down, But it was in this moments that the friends were determinant to made this moments do not prolong for too long. Is like a boat surviving in a temps to almost a sure sunk. Sunday and Monday we found in our new place, so much happiness that we have been missing. Suddenly the sugars levels also come to better scores, confirming the correlation in between the stability and good atmosphere of our house and the behave of my sugars levels (another axiom did by Helder).

We just have been enjoying with Olywka, for the first time we danced altogether in the bedroom some Christmas hits, Good that Oly cannot understand the silly behave of her clumsy father. It is another Helder, completely different from that one has been crossing the painful road of the Chemotherapy, for now with a lot of energy and love for life. If the cancer can by fight by the environment surrounded, family and friends, then to find myself cure would be just a matter of time.

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