Wednesday, December 10, 2008

So cold outside

The news are almost the same, this means no bad news. Just I have been with a crises of hiccups, something that appears suddenly and keeps for almost a hour and also goes away when not expected. In afternoon after some rest we all went to take some sun shine in a pond nearby Shuby's house, We spread some bread through the ducks and birds that did came around. The cold that started to frozen some parts of the small pond gave even more beauty to the landscape.


Rosália said...

Olá Helder

A crise foram soluços? Se afirmativo, tapa o nariz e prende a respiração, que eles abalam ou então ensina as tuas lindas babies a pregarem-te um valente susto, vais ver que resulta.
Boas melhoras

Madalena said...

Olá Helder.

Só para te enviar um beijinho, dizer que pensamos muito em ti e que a tua filhota é mesmo linda!!!

Madalena Correia

chora said...

ola carapau a tua filhota esta muito linda um abraço e bj ai pra casa