Monday, May 9, 2011

Eat to Live

I have got the feeling that the things are tending again to the normal, at least as much as it is possible. Normal here means to me not only Good but Great. I am definitely feeling more positive and with more energy, leaving often the heavy business out of my brain again, as I must do in order to breath and not be suffocated within the bad thoughts. Today I took out the old bicycle from the storage and I joined Olivia in a trip to the Park, she in her tricycle and me in the bicycle. Olivia in the Nursery it is not anymore an issue, She looks now settled. It was a big surprise for me the way in the end the Nursery was sort out.

Related with the Nursery there was another bit of a good news, The Borough decided to fund few hours of Olivia in the Nursery, a good help, Also means more money for our New Diet. To carry on a diet based in a lot of fresh greens stuff, row veg, it is paradoxically a luxury, must be seen as an investment, true that I am hoping for a return in my health :)

The next step to adapt to the new Regime is to find a new balance in the Insulin that I need to Inject, The body is requiring much less insulin now.

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