Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Polish from Algarve

Today was a special day, Finally arrived to our World the baby of Kasia and Rafi. Congratulations to parents and Zosia! It looks, Zosia might be a fruit sow in the Algarve. I guess the baby will have the Polish Passport but the DNA will be influenced very much by the Sun of Portugal, from the Holidays last Summer in the Algarve :)

The other good news come from a call from the Hospital, Radiotherapy is booked for 7 June, But there is a chance to happen before that, already next week. Let us keep fingers crossed to be next week, There is not too much time to waste.

The evening was great having the company of our friend Veena, time to catch up the conversation and for Olivia to show Veena her new books.

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