Saturday, May 28, 2011


The day went slower, which I do enjoy as well. Sugars are again very very high due mainly to the steroids that I brought home and I will need to take it for more 5 days, The same steroids is not helping me to sleep, it is a thousand times more effective than the caffeine. Nevertheless, I had a generous night sleep given the circumstances, Before 6.00 AM I was already downstairs, fresh and happy. The treatment renew all my hopes, It is like if the cards were shuffled again and the game would restart, the next game hopefully will be better. AT least the pain that I was having in the Liver in the last 3 weeks, has released. If it is only psychological? I do not know. But the doctor said that this Yttrium tends not only to reduce the size of the tumour but also to release the pain, So I am welcoming the Yttrium.

Soon after the princesses woke up I went for a walk around, I was in need for the fresh air and to see anything outside, people, trees, everything was a delight. The freedom it is such a thing, and we only give all the value to that when we feel it escaping or you are deprived of it.

Always beautiful things are happening, For the first time last Thursday i missed one Art lesson, because of been hospitalized, But my neighbour and also colleague in the class did me a surprise, she brought me a beautiful post card from all the classmates, mad of watercolours with a lovely message, I was very touched. Additionally she handed me a big summary of the last lesson in order to learn everything what happened there. And today she came to visit me and lend me a lot of water colours and materials so I can practise the water colour technique, totally new for me.

I took advantage of the good mood that the family had today and I tried to learn together with Olivia how to play the guitar using lesson in the YouTube, Olivia enjoyed and I think she is progressing quicker than me.

The garden is requiring more hands to pick up the veggies that are getting ready to the table, and this is a job to Olivia.

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