Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Grown up girl

Time is the best remedy for everything, we should already know that by now. Time associated with patience cures and heals the worst and the incurable. It is in that state of mind, that never was my best attributes, that now I will try to go everywhere.

Olivia gave me today a big lesson of being patient and where the calm can take Us. When today Justyna took Olivia to the nursery we did not expect that Olivia would be so prepared to be left alone there, for the first time Mother told her that she was going out for few minutes and would come back very soon, Olivia almost did not complain and accepted, and apparently played and enjoyed very much the rest of the afternoon. The teacher was very nice, she was sending pictures to us to show how Olivia was getting a good time, and to us not be worried. Then, Olivia was left in the school not for a few minutes but for full 3 hours. We felt very happy and proud for her. Of course after she deserved a treat with an ice-cream and a present.

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Cristina said...

Fiquei super contente por saber das novidades. Que bom que a Olivia ficou tanto tempo e ficou tão bem.
Vais ver que vai passar a adorar estar lá e isso vai ser muito importante para ela e para vocês.
Um beijo muito grande para os três das duas!