Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Nuclear War

Finally the next adventure arrived, the morning was interrupted by a call to turn another page in this marathon, The call said unknown in the screen, I new straight away even before I picked up, it was a call from the Hospital. For the first time in the last week I felt really happy for what will come. The nurse told me to present myself tomorrow in the Hospital at 11.00 AM, The day will be long. Firstly, they will check my blood to see how is the immune system, after I will have a drip allocated from the arm, in order to received an anti sickness injection, which I was told that will make me feel dizzy, so I should not be alarmed :) Afterwards, I will have injected something that goes all the way to the the kidneys, to protect them from the radiation. Only around 4.00 PM finally will come to action the Truth weapon, One of the rarest element in Earth, Our weapon of mass destruction - Yttrium 90 (Y). Soon after the injection I will have a nuclear scanning that will find if the molecules went to the right places, Which we will hope. All day and night I will stay in the Hospital, more for precautions, because of the radiation of love that I will be involved. All day without the contact of my princesses will be the hardest bit.

Then in the day after if everything will be OK I will be back home to my routine. So tomorrow you will not find me here, hopefully only Friday.

Today morning after the call I was very happy and positive, me and Olivia had a great time in the park with our friends Noah and his family.


Luís Ganhão said...

Força Hélder.
Estamos todos contigo

mrosaliajose said...

Vai tudo correr bem.
Força amigo.