Saturday, May 21, 2011

Party in Wrabczyn

In another attempt to bring up positive energies from the small things to fight the big things, today I did again a radical hair shortcut, almost nothing was left in the scalp. I am at the moment having a very delicious moments attached to the White Angel, it has been a while since last time I enjoyed so much to read, I guess the fact of the book being in Portuguese makes also the difference. After lunch I went for a coffee and spend some time with my friend Sergio, but in the way back I was alone at home and I made myself a king over the hamac, delicious hours reading, stopping to listen a bird sometimes and back to reading and again stooping just to look at the dancing of branches of the trees synchronized with wind, beautiful spectacle in front of my eyes.

Poland was today more colourful, Joanna- Justyna's mother had her special day. A party to celebrate her birthday.

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