Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Organic farming

This week carries on being myself in charge of taking and bringing Olivia from the nursery, Definitely she changed so much in the last weeks, because of the nursery, when I say changed it is for better, Today two neighbours commented to me that Olivia is more lively. She is fact more happy and silly, Today in the afternoon had the visit of her friend Jean to play with her.

In spite of same accidents, as for example the Walnut tree been cut and damaged by some animal that come to our farm, which we do not know who, a fox? squirrels? neighbour's cat? which hurt deeply our hearts, but so far our Organic Farm looks a story of success, There is potatoes coming out, lettuces peeking, pees climbing to the space, cauliflowers colouring and the reddish radish asking to come to the table. This morning for the first time I took and ate the first radish, It was wonderful feeling to taste our own vegetables. The radish as all the other veges needs to be picked up as soon as possible, not let them grown too much, otherwise who will say thank you will be the worms or the fox.

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