Monday, May 23, 2011

Tiger in the jungle

I was as surprised as delighted with my first experience of taking Olivia to the nursery. I took her myself there but also picked up her later from the nursery. It was great to receive a big smile and hug when dropped in her World. It is funny, She is exactly in her own World, What is going on inside should be the most guarded secret in Barnet, in our insistence Olivia never tells what happened, what she does. Her answers are always an enigmatic I do not know. She looks happy, and this is the only thing that matters in the parents World.

Justyna still unwell, with a flu. I took the time off from Olivia while she was in the school to go ahead with another painting and to read the magnetic Anjo Branco.

I am now ready to seat down and read while a music with crickets in the background is warming up the atmosphere, makes me remember the glorious nights out surrounded by nature, perhaps camping.

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