Friday, May 6, 2011

Silly season

Olivia was all mine for one day, Today she was off from her school and mother had some time off as well to meet with her friend Kasha. I was again tired and down through the day, I feel the pain in the back slowly returning, But it is a privilege to be with Olivia. As mother told me and is right, Olivia is more silly, more as a child, I never seen before Olivia dancing as today, I could not believe to see Olivia dancing and laughing with the music. Shame right now the Mothers of all Disco Dance in the red light of Lisbon has shut, She might not be able anymore to dance as I did in the Jamaica and Tokyo Discos.

I have been nervous I think due to the fact of knowing that the tumors are increasing their size but more even because I am waiting for treatment that I do not know when I will have it. Nevertheless, today I called the Hospital to see if they do not forget about me, and the nurse told me that I should have my bullets in June. It is not good but also not too bad, So I need to wait to go somewhere.

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Ora aqui vai um video para te (nos) levantar a moral, meu bom amigo: