Friday, May 27, 2011


The first treatment arrived and I came already home this afternoon. I need to recognise that the things went very smoothly, over my expectations. We were in Hospital yesterday at 11.00 AM and I left today at 1.00 PM. The day was raining which made a perfect day to be in a Hospital.

As I expected I had a very busy afternoon in my private suite, started with the infusion of a protein to protect as much as possible the kidneys from contamination, The order was to drink and drink bottles and bottles of water to pass out as quick as possible all the radiation that went to the kidneys. And after all the explanations and paper work, before 5 PM the team of doctors from the Nuclear medicine arrived, Olivia and Justyna had orders to kiss me and to leave, from there was me and the Yttrium 90, There was a big ritual that I witnessed before the infusion of the radiation started to be pumped through a drip aiming the Liver. They set up a barrier close to the doors from where nobody could pass forward and neither me leave, the toilets were covered with a extra floor, and the doctors completely protected started the procedures with all a concentration, checking and double checking the machine, with soft and so gentle movements with all the products that I confess scared me. But at 5 PM all was done and the professionals with job done and well done departed straight away from my room. After, I had about two hours that I was a bit confused but not panic, In the end I have already some experience in this business. Not knowing what I should feel and not sure what I was feeling in that time was normal, I felt for a while back and abdomen pain, I tried to walk in the room and I went few times to the toilets which was relieving, But fortunately after I lay down in the bed and trying to put the bad thoughts in the drawer slowly it became better.

Having so much time ahead and been without almost nothing that can distract me, only newspapers which I read in a flash in spite of the dizziness when I focus too long in the papers, I had other problem to sort out, how to help to kill the next 80 000 seconds. Should I concentrated in a big clock positioned in front of me ticking all the seconds in my ears but not noticeable any movement in the pointers, or instead look incessant to the drops of the fluids, that I was still receiving. To be honest I preferred the last one, I was already counting a thousand drops past through the drip when I looked again to the bottles, they looked also with the same quantity left, So I though that I could not go anywhere with this tactic, I will be crazy :) The sensation of have your space limited does not help as well to relax. Having said that all the people as usual are unforgettable, They are there for you.

Fortunately slowly the sleeping come, when I felt my legs responding involuntarily with a intense and blunt movement as a kick of a horse I remember to be very happy, that meant I should fall asleep soon. I rested all the night. I woke around 8.00 AM feeling fresh and very positive, with the sensation that not always all goes wrong. Breakfast was in a rush because I have a lift to take me downstairs to have a nuclear scan, which showed activity in the Liver, I was even more happy. The aiming of this product is to kill as much as possible the Cancer cells and wrapped the area to not come back in the same place. There is a statistical ( and I hate statistics, a bit more when they are against you, like the politicians) 70% of the people under this treatment had good results, so for sure the Good news are about to come.

The plan is to have medicines for more five days and to do blood tests every week, which I will do close to my home, For three months I will not need to go to the Hospital, which is a record, To be honest I will not miss it :) In three months I will be back for another session.

When I come out even if I need to keep some distance from Justyna and Olivia I was of course very happy to see them again, but more, I had my great friend Nuno also in the waiting room, Nuno arrived in London this morning from USA, just for a day but it was so special even more in a day like this, Thank you for your care and friendship.

Today this lines are going already long (to compensate yesterday), so I will finished, also to rest. I am feeling very tired, the movements are in slow motion. To be honest I saw already this film.

See your for sure tomorrow.

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