Sunday, May 23, 2010

Girls girls

Big day, Today I feel as we been everywhere in London, This because of a wish from girls, We wanted to go to Portobello Market but they did not wanted to pass in King's Cross because of this station been so busy, something that we wanted to avoid, but we paid for that, We instead went to Moorgate but from there it was a nightmare, there was not tube to Portobello and the bus would take us too long, Then we decided to go to the closer Brick Line. It was the best choice. The day was great, with good spirit, In the night we went to Veena's house to enjoy her presence and also her food, It was lovely the evening.

I confess that I need to sometimes to escape somewhere to run away from the girls conversations, but I promise to me that I will be calm and I will forget about my wishes.

Imagine finishing the day writing this blog and surrounded by girls doing the pedicure some others speaking about hair remove or depilation. Please :)

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