Wednesday, May 26, 2010

As swiss clockwork

Here in Uk I become more punctual than an English Man, too punctual, even more then the locals, and Olivia is paying for that. Today I was planning to go with her to a Play Session to play with other kids, I was planning... the problem was that I arrived 1 hour earlier, I did miscalculate the time, when we arrived I noticed that the place was empty when was supposed to find other mates, Therefore because of the long waiting we decided to leave and go to the park. At least in the park she found her friends and could enjoy the morning. Not all was lost.

In the afternoon she wanted the compensation and she asked me for a Gelado, but because I did not had money with me I told her that I could not understand. Olivia was clever than me and she replied to me in english Ice Cream!, Then I did not have other chance than go home and give her an ice cream, fortunately we had it in the freezer. Tomorrow I will get money with me to buy one in the shop.

Today I took a decision to give up my profession of accountant, I am still registered as an accountant in the Portuguese body-OTOC, But because I do not foresee myself working in that subject anymore, then there is no point to keep paying the fees to the OTOC, So the live is again moving on. The decision about what I will do in the future it need to be rethink.

The best part of the day was past in the Library close to us, we picked up few more books to Olivia, some in Portuguese and Polish.

Lastly to say that Justyna was in the heaven today with her mark, It was very good, close to the Excellent-79%, congratulations.

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