Saturday, May 15, 2010

Say cheese Gouda!

Tomorrow we will leave our friends Carla and Luis and will go to Brussels to stay a day in also our friends Filipa and Luis house. We are already missing our days within this creche atmosphere, There are 5 kids at home, imagine when all of them cried, it is awful funny festival. Because of been the last days Olivia has been caught by Carla exchanging mobiles phones and email with the kids.

Today we had our last ride through the lakes, something very peaceful and unforgettable, listening the birds, bend all the time the bike to not step in any duckling, things that we do not have a chance to do often in London. Our walk today been joined for the first time by Carla as she could do a short break from the twins. The day was again spend around the table with the magic food sometimes cooked by Carla, others by Patricia and few by Justyna.

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